How to maximise your jewellery on holiday

How to maximise your jewellery on holiday

It's bang in the middle of holiday season and many of us are excitedly prepping for well-deserved getaways. Whether you're staying local or travelling further afield I wanted to share some tips to help you make the most of your jewellery during your travels.


Create a capsule collection

Choose wisely and create a capsule collection that is versatile and can be mixed and matched with various outfits for day and night. This should include simple pieces for during the day which are comfortable and easy to wear.  These can then be layered up for more impact in the evenings or swapped out for drop earrings and other statement pieces which allow you to create different looks without overpacking. 


 collection of ethical jewellery on natural stone background


Use a jewellery organiser

Invest in a compact and secure travel jewellery organiser to keep your pieces safe and tangle-free during your trip. There are lots of options available from roll-up cases to small boxes with compartments and they are so handy!  


Remove jewellery before entering the pool

This one's a biggie! Chlorine will quickly dull and tarnish sterling silver so always remove your jewellery before entering the swimming pool.  You can always pack a jewellery polishing cloth just incase you forget as this will remove any tarnish and have your favorite pieces looking beautiful again within a couple of minutes. 


Clean jewellery regularly

Keep your jewellery clean and shiny by washing it in warm soapy water. Sweat, sunscreen, and other substances can dull the appearance of your pieces over time.


MUKA essentials for your capsule collection

Ella Earrings - bring a spare pair of earring backs and these little beauties can be transformed from day wear to evening.  Wear them as a simple stud earring during the day and swap out the backs to give you an elegant drop earring come evening.

gold ella earrings worn by blonde model
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